Slanting Line Activity Pack


Let’s explore slanting lines!

This pack will help you teach your child pencil control skills. It is always fun to teach your child about new skills and see them grasping it. Children are very receptive by nature and we need ways to channelise their energy in the correct direction.

Below are mentioned the steps you can follow while using this activity pack with your child. You can download it from the link provided. Have Fun!

  1. Make sure your teach your child to hold the pencil properly.
  2. It will be great to lead by example. Draw a line yourself joining the dots and encourage your child to follow.
  3. This activity helps the child develop fine motor skills and enhances the time a child can focus on a single activity.

Download the pack and enjoy the activities with your little one. Please share your experience in the comments.

Do share the your pictures while you have fun with this pack.



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