Black Colour Activity Pack


Explore Black colour with your child with the help of these interesting activities!

These activities will help your child:

  1. Get introduced to the colour black and colour an image with black colour to retain it.
  2. Find and circle black colour when other colours are present to make sure that your child is clearly able to identify the colour.
  3. Colour and Shape mixed – Match the black coloured shapes together. Help your child name the shapes and describe that the shape is black in colour. Say aloud – “This is a black circle. This Circle is Black in colour.” Saying things aloud while doing activities help speech and vocabulary development in kids.
  4. Join the dots and colour the picture – Help your child hold the pencil and join the dots to form the image. It’s ok if the child is not able to identify all the numbers and the sequence. You can help them along the way and keep talking about the sequence of numbers.

Enjoy your Download! Please share your experience in the comments!


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