When I Chose To Ignore..

Raising a toddler can be stressful at times. They have immense energy and want their way in everything. It is so tiring to explain your 2 year old right from wrong all the time. From the time summers have approached, my kids favourite pass time is to get a bottle from the fridge, pour all of it on the floor and dance in it! Or pour all the water on his bicycle and pretend to be cleaning it. Yes, yes. I know what you are thinking… I tried doing it all.. I have a bath tub for him in which he plays every day and painting with water activities. But somehow, whenever he would find the fridge open… there he was on his little mischief again.

Some days, I would explain it to him patiently. Others, I would just snatch the bottle and let him cry a little. And some days, when I am really tired, I just choose to ignore and let him have his way. After all, it doesn’t do much harm and he won’t be this little and naughty always! 🙂

We all try to give the best values to our children and explain to them the right thing to do. But we need to choose our battles wisely.

1. Being to narrative for every incident might lead to you child ignoring you – If you try to explain all the time to your child what is the right thing to do and what is not, your child might simply start NOT taking you seriously.

2. They need some freedom too – Even though your toddler is little, he is beginning to do things himself and hence would want to explore the world around. As long as the child is safe, you can allow some freedom even if it means the house getting a little messy.

3. You need your peace of mind – Always trying to be on top of things and bringing up a little one can be taxing. Allow your self some calm time and try not to bother too much about a clean house! These times will not last forever. Try to make memories out of them. You will cherish them so much when your little munchkin is all grown up!

Keep Rocking! And share your experiences in the comments! 

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