Welcome your Baby in Style!

A lot of people wonder what to buy for the first year of your baby… and most of us end up buying a lot of un-necessary stuff! I was the same. Not knowing what would really be useful, I bought lots and lots of stuff and ended up disposing off most of it!

Here is my list of what was really useful based on first hand experience.

A Baby Stroller Pram is a must –  

Surely you would want a break from your mundane routine with the baby of feeding and cleaning and walk in the park or a visit to the mall is really refreshing. A Pram is thus a must have! But some things to keep in mind when buying one are the ease of use and comfort for the baby. A reversible handlebar which allows baby to face the parent while strolling is a must. The bay feels more secure and at ease as long as the parent is in sight. Also, make sure the pram has brakes for the front and rear wheels. It is very important for child’s safety. I got this one from Amazon – Link below

Baby Carrier –  

A baby carrier comes in really handy to carry the baby around. If you are like me and want to wander out a lot with your baby, it sometimes is not posiible to carry the pram everywhere. Just buckle your baby to your waist and you are good to go! When buying, make sure to get one with enough cushion so that the baby is comfortable.

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