Once a Mom, Always a Mom

Becoming a mom can be a lot of things. It can be joyous and blissfully for some and joyous but stressful for others. Either way it is an overwhelming experience about which each mom has a lot to tell. With each challenge that a new mom faces, the only consolation is that the baby won’t be so little always and that things will get better when the child is older. Although it is true, that as the child grows the amount of physical labour put in reduces, there are always going to be challenges – only the form will change.

Once a mom, always a mom. Your set of responsibilities are never going to end!

Thus it is important to take time out for yourself and to relive some moments of the life you desire – RIGHT NOW!

  • Don’t put off your desires – As a mom we always tend to keep others before us. The baby’s needs are the foremost, then come other members of the family. But the girl in us gets lost somewhere. We forget our desires – things that make us happy.

  • Pamper yourself – It could be something as simple as a monthly massage or a weekly yoga class. Anything that makes you feel good and happy.

  • Happiness comes from within – You can make others happy only when are happy. So don’t put off things that make you happy. Take some time for yourself everyday to enjoy things you like.

  • Get your daily dose of ‘me’ time – Try to squeeze in 15-20 mins for your ‘me’ time everyday. This could be the time your little one is having a nap or out with dad. Instead of trying to get some chores done, do something that pleases you. It could be your favourite Tv show or some exercise. Having some time to yourself will leave you with a lot of energy and a positive frame of mind.

  • It is OK – Even though we try our best to get all chores done perfectly each day. There will be times when the laundry is not done or food is not cooked or your house is kind of messy. Reassure yourself that is ok and nothing to feel guilty about. With so much work to do, you always have to prioritise tasks. Till the time your little one’s tummy is filled and he is sleeping peacefully after the day full of mischief, you are doing just fine!

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