For the Sleep-Deprived Mom!

It can be overwhelming to be a new mom. With endless feeding and diaper changing, the last thing you want to do is wake up all night. It is very relaxing for the mom as well as the baby if they manage to get to sleep through the night. Although it might not seem to be possible or working at first, believe me it is possible!

It takes a lot of patience and consistency but at the end when you have a sleep routine set for your baby, it is very relaxing and satisfying.

My little one was the most active in the night hours. When everyone else at home was fast asleep, it was the two of us playing, feeding and pooping all night. The day time hours were to sleep. Initially, I could not recognize the problem and like everyone else around me, I gave into the thought that making a routine for such a small baby was not just an option.

The main problem started when I had to return back to work. After working all day, I was pretty tired at night but the little one just refused to sleep. I had become more of a zombie! This is when I realized the importance of a sleep routine and that something had to be done to fix it. More than the baby, it was me who was getting affected as he would still catch up on the sleep during the day.

It was a step by step process and required a lot of work. But it was all worth it.

  • Don’t let the baby oversleep during the day – The main reason the baby is ready to play at night is that he has had a good sleep during the day. Even though it might not seem right to wake up your sleeping baby, it is perfectly alright to do so and even necessary because children cannot tell the difference between day and night and have to be taught so.

  • Keep your house noisy during the day – Don’t provide the quiet and peaceful night time environment to the baby during the day. Keep your house active and noisy during the day and peaceful and quiet during the night so that the child understands the difference.

  • Have a night time routine – You don’t need an elaborate plan for this. It could be just one or two activities. But consistency is the key. I slow things down half an hour before my baby’s sleep time. We get into the bed to read a story. Then the lights are out and he is given a bottle of milk. I sing his favourite rhymes while he is drinks his milk and he dozes off! Seems to be just perfect, Right? But it was not always so.

  • Don’t give in – You have to make things happen! Initially, there was a lot of crying and resistence when the lights would go off. My baby wanted to play. The idea of a dark room was not very dear to him. But I did not let him escape or have his way. I would sing even louder and that would calm him down a bit.

  • Don’t get playful when the sleep time is approaching – This is a common mistake. Most parents work late and when they are back is the time they get to play with their child. If you get too playful and noisy just when the sleep time is approaching, the baby might get in an all playful mood and refuse to sleep. Keep things quiet before sleep time and encourage activities like reading or playing quietly in bed.

  • Late night party! What do I do? – Having one late night out could throw the baby out of routine. I really struggled with this one. One late night cost me a whole weeks effort to bring him back the routine! Try to be back home by the time the baby is ready to sleep. If it becomes unavoidable and one night the routine breaks, make efforts again from the next day to get back to the routine.

You just have to find out what works for you and your baby. Have a plan and be consistent with it. Consistency is the only thing that will tell your child to predict what to do. But it surely is possible and works wonders for you and the baby.

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