Cake Smash at Home!

It is an exciting time when your little one is about to turn one! A year of a lot of hard work and patience is about to end successfully and all you want to do is make the day very special.

Capture the special moments of your baby in style as memories last a lifetime and your little one is going to be really happy when he looks back at these special moments.

A cake smash photo shoot if done at home comes really cheap and is a lot more convenient as you have your bathroom at your disposal to clean up the baby afterwords. You just need some excitement and the willingness to do the extra cleaning to make it a success.

  • Plan your theme – You will need a little planning beforehand. Think of the colours you want in your photo booth and the props. It need not be expensive stuff. It can be stuff that is already around you like the baby’s toys, balloons.
  • The Backdrop – Photos look good if you have a predefined background on which you can add props. It can be a single colour or patterned background depending on your taste. But you don’t need to rush to the stores to get a perfect backdrop! You can use a piece of cloth or join wrapping papers together with tape to form one. Just attach it well to the wall and let it fall down freely. Ensure the backdrop is long enough for your baby to sit and make mess on.
    Added Advantage – You latter need to clean only the backdrop and it saves everything else from the mess.
  • Add some Bling – Now that you have decided on a background and have it in place, you just need to decorate it to have your photo booth ready. Let your imagination flow. You can use birthday banners, caps, toys.. just anything. Balloons add the party look and are a must have!
  • Dress up your baby – This can be anything that complements your theme. You could stick to 2-3 colours or go all colourful.
    P.S. – Bows for boys are really in right now!
  • Make sure the baby is in a good mood – With all this hard work you are sure to want a lot of smiling photos. Make sure your baby is feed and well rested before the photo shoot or you’ll have a cranky baby and your hard work won’t pay off as desired. Keep the baby’s schedule in mind when planning the timing.
  • Keep the camera ready – Different babies react differently when left alone with a cake! Some would directly dive in. Others may take a little time. Either way it is going to be a lot of fun to see what your baby does to the cake. So keep the camera ready and enjoy the fun!
  • Expect the mess – Be prepared for the mess afterwards. Keep the baby’s bath ready and all that you need nearby. It is easy for babies to become cranky. But it will all be worth it when you have the awesome photos of the baby!

Even with all the challenges of parenting, take time out to capture the special moments. Your baby will be all grown up before you know it. These are the memories you’ll cherish a lifetime! So don’t hesitate in making them. After all, your child will be a baby only once!

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